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Griot’s Garage Leather Care Spray

There are a lot of leather conditioners and cleaners out in the detailing market, and one of the companies that has taken the challenge to develop an exciting line of leather care products is Griot’s Garage. Griot’s Garage set out to develop a product that would not only feed the leather with essential nutrients, but... Read the full article »

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SweetCars Minute Vol. 2 “Polishing Around Tires”

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2012 Indy Mecum Auction Pics!

This week, the Mecum Auction was being held in Indianapolis, Indiana and SweetCars was there to take part in the event. With so many “sweet cars” going through the auction block, we wanted to share pictures of just some of the cars we saw in Indy this weekend. Enjoy!!! Read the full article »

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BMW Z3 Roadster Detail

From time to time, I get a BMW in for paint correction in a color other than black. This 2001 BMW Z3 Roadster was painted in Oxfordgrunden Metallic. The client brought in this car to see what I could do in terms of an overall detail for a BMW car show that was coming up.... Read the full article »

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Lotus Elise Paint Correction Detail

A client brought in his Lotus Elise in Chrome Orange Metallic for a paint correction detail. It was my pleasure to give this extraordinary vehicle meticulous attention to give it a showstopping look. Here is a video of that detail to give you sneak peek into what went into the detail. Enjoy! Read the full article »

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SweetCars Minute Vol. 1

Introducing the “SweetCars Minute”, helpful tips and tricks to help car enthusiasts get the most of out of their car. Here is a great tip on helping you determine whether or not you need to use paint clay after your next wash. Read the full article »