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How to technique: Dry your car without scratching with Griot’s Garage MF Drying Towel

Scratches and swirls can really affect the look of any vehicle. But how does this happen? Most people don’t intend to put scratches and swirls on their paint. One of the   biggest contributors of scratches and swirls is improper drying techniques. Its important to use the right towel for the job and use it... Read the full article »

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Acura NSX Service Visit

Keith had this awesome Acura NSX visit our shop for service. The great looking wheels and tires on this particular NSX were ordered and installed here at SweetCars. We are a Tire Rack authorized dealer and installer using the latest in tire mounting and balancing equipment for your vehicle. Here’s some pics of this remarkable vehicle. What number owner will you be... Read the full article »

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Service page now on SweetCars Blog!

Keith Miller is qualified to perform a wide range of mechanical and maintenance services to keep your car performing like new. From a tire swap to brake work and beyond, Keith uses only the best parts and products. Keith Miller is a highly trained technician with extensive experience in serving high-end automobiles. You can feel confident knowing your... Read the full article »

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Some Past Details here at SweetCars

Since we’ve opened back in December of 2010, we’ve had some fantastic automobiles come through our shop for detailing and for service. Here are some pictures of just some of the vehicles that have been to SweetCars. We want to especially thank all of our clients for choosing us at SweetCars to maintain and detail their... Read the full article »

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A must-have product for any detailer. The IPA 50/50

There is one product that every detailer both professional and enthusiast should be without. Its inexpensive, easy to find and has numerous uses. Perhaps you’ve heard of detailers talking about doing an “IPA wipedown” before waxing, and the product they are discussing has been a trick of the trade for years. The “IPA” is traditionally... Read the full article »

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Griot’s Garage One-Step Sealant

When time becomes a factor and you need great results that also offer long-lasting protection, “AIO” or All-in-One products are great products for this type of detailing. There are many great products like this on the market, I have a few that I am particularly fond of using in my shop and one of them... Read the full article »